Why Hiring for Startups Is So Hard

You draft a job description and make a list of qualifications. You start the interview process and realize what you already knew: you won’t find one person who “has it all.” In a mature company, you can hire to strike a balance among employees in a department, playing off weaknesses and strengths. Potential candidate Steve […]

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What’s To Love About Facebook Hashtags?

You’ve seen (and used, I hope!) hashtags on other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. The hashtag, a word or multiple words preceding the ‘#’ without spacing, is a method of categorizing online content and giving it context. While using hashtags on Facebook used to be a faux pas, that is no longer […]

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#Instavideo: How Radio Can Take Advantage of Video for Instagram

Right when you get the hang of Instagram, the Facebook-owned social network comes out with an update to compete with social video powerhouse, Vine (owned by Twitter). You can still add photos to Instagram, but now you can also share 15-second videos. Much like Vine, Instagram allows you to stitch together video clips into a […]

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Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Small Business Be Using?

No matter what the state of your social-media usage, there’s room to improve your strategy and expand your business. But where to focus your efforts? I offer a quick rundown on which social platforms might help you and how in an interview for the Verizon Wireless Small Business Guide.   Thumbnail photo credit: Verizon Wireless

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Social Media’s Role in the Boston Marathon Bombings

I had the pleasure of speaking with Fred LeFebvre on 1370 WSPD/Toledo regarding the role social media played in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings. Listen to the podcast here.  

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The Do’s And Don’ts of Social Media Teasing

You spend time each day crafting on-air teases for your show. And why? You create strong teases to give listeners that “I have to hear this” feeling, to keep them listening through commercials or music breaks. Social media teases are very similar to on-air teases. We want to give listeners that same feeling, except that […]

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The Art of Social Media

We talk a lot about the science of social media — the strategy and the measurement of our efforts. What we don’t talk about enough is the art — the philosophy of social media that drives our presence. Strategy is important. The functions of social media within your company or show… how often and when […]

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Why A Competitive Analysis Can Help You Succeed With Digital

Whether you’re developing a strategy for social media, planning to update the station website, creating a business model for streaming, or wondering why you aren’t getting advertisers’ digital dollars, conducting an analysis of the competition is key. Why? An online analysis of the competitive landscape yields information you may not hear by monitoring the on-air […]

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9 Ways Social Media Is Like A Road Trip

1. You should know where you’re headed. Like a road trip, you should know where you’d like to end up. Without measurable goals in mind, social media is a hobby, not a business initiative. A clearly defined strategy is key to success with social media. 2. It takes a map to get to where you […]

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6 Steps to Create A Small Business Social Media Strategy

One billion people actively use Facebook each month. Twitter boasts 500 million users. Seventy-two hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Sixty-two percent of adults worldwide now use social media. Because your customers or clients are using social media daily, communicating and marketing on social platforms is no longer a luxury. It’s a […]

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