Instagram’s New Algorithm: Upping Your Instagame

Instagram Algorithm Change Radio

Remember when (cue Alan Jackson for you country fans)… Facebook was the only social network whose algorithm changes could get your panties or whitie tighties in a bunch? Instagram recently announced that their feed will change from a chronological feed to an algorithm-based feed. So what does this mean for your station or show? It Read

Why Morning Shows Deserve Their Own Facebook Page

Morning Shows-Facebook

Three clients have approached me in the last few months, all worried because the station they work for is threatening to cancel their Morning Show Facebook page. Not because their behavior on Facebook is out of line with the station brand, or because it is distracting them from the on-air product, but because they view Read

8 Quick Tips for Better Air Talent Blogs and Morning Show Websites


Blog smog. You aren’t a blogger. Why should you worry about improving your writing skills? As radio companies put more emphasis on digital growth, you are now responsible for website traffic and social media engagement in addition to on-air ratings. Becoming a better blogger will give you organic content for your social networks, increasing web Read

Marrying Radio and Digital: Challenge #3


This is part three of a four part series called “The Challenges of Marrying Radio and Digital. Read Challenge #1, Accepting Change, here. Click here for Challenge #2, Strategy. Challenge #3: Staffing and Time Radio may as well have coined the term “wearing many hats”. Because our industry has not been exempt from the effects Read

Selling Social: Are Social Media Endorsements a Good Idea?


Social media savvy radio clients are inquiring about online endorsements, creating revenue opportunities for both radio stations and air talent. However, with opportunity comes responsibility. Stations and talent have built online communities based on trust. Listeners trust that your social media content will be a reflection of what they hear on air- an extension of Read

Radio and Social Media: It’s Like a Nursery Rhyme


I have written an exclusive article for Social Media Sun depicting the relationship between radio and social media. Click here to read it and find out which nursery rhyme I think reflects the merge of old and new media. I would love to hear your thoughts after you read it! Leave me a comment here Read

Who Owns Your Morning Show’s Social Media Presence?


In early March I read an article about the social media battle many musicians are fighting with their record labels over who owns their social media accounts. I thought, “I hope radio never gets to this point”. Weeks after I pondered that article, three high-profile morning show hosts contacted me– they are fighting the artist/record Read