8 Reasons #StartupLife Might Be For You

Pros of working at Startups

Wondering what it might be like to leave corporate America and work for a startup (or start your own!)? Here are 8 pros of working for a startup (otherwise known as why #startuplife is awesome). 1. You’ll learn more (and fast). Working for a startup allows you to rapidly expand your professional skills. You’re routinely encouraged Read

3 Attributes That Make A Successful Entrepreneur

Atributes of entrepreneurs

I was asked on a panel recently about the most important attributes of an entrepreneur. When I think about the people who succeed at building their own businesses—not the anomaly, front of Time magazine entrepreneur but the everyday successful entrepreneurs—there are three attributes that come to mind. Drive. Strategic thinking. Passion. And you need all three Read

Why Hiring for Startups Is So Hard

Hiring for Startups

You draft a job description and make a list of qualifications. You start the interview process and realize what you already knew: you won’t find one person who “has it all.” In a mature company, you can hire to strike a balance among employees in a department, playing off weaknesses and strengths. Potential candidate Steve Read