Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Small Business Be Using?


No matter what the state of your social-media usage, there’s room to improve your strategy and expand your business. But where to focus your efforts? I offer a quick rundown on which social platforms might help you and how in an interview for the Verizon Wireless Small Business Guide.   Thumbnail photo credit: Verizon Wireless

Why A Competitive Analysis Can Help You Succeed With Digital


Whether you’re developing a strategy for social media, planning to update the station website, creating a business model for streaming, or wondering why you aren’t getting advertisers’ digital dollars, conducting an analysis of the competition is key. Why? An online analysis of the competitive landscape yields information you may not hear by monitoring the on-air Read

9 Ways Social Media Is Like A Road Trip


1. You should know where you’re headed. Like a road trip, you should know where you’d like to end up. Without measurable goals in mind, social media is a hobby, not a business initiative. A clearly defined strategy is key to success with social media. 2. It takes a map to get to where you Read

6 Steps to Create A Small Business Social Media Strategy


One billion people actively use Facebook each month. Twitter boasts 500 million users. Seventy-two hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Sixty-two percent of adults worldwide now use social media. Because your customers or clients are using social media daily, communicating and marketing on social platforms is no longer a luxury. It’s a Read

Like This If You Like Doughnuts: The Empty Facebook Post


“Like this if you like doughnuts, too.” “Share this if you’re single.” “Like this if you’ve ever played football.” What do these statements tell you about the brand, station, or person who posted them? Nothing. Except that they are desperate for engagement. Every post, tweet, pin you make is representative of your brand. While studies Read

11 Digital Predictions for the Radio Industry


Based on the digital landscape in radio today, here are 11 predictions for radio’s future in digital: 1. The fusion of on-air content and online platforms will be seamless. As radio stations develop strong digital strategies for their on-air talent, the content and engagement of online platforms will be naturally integrated into the on-air show. Read

Facebook’s Schedule Feature: Why Schedule Social Media?


Facebook recently made a giant step forward with the creation of the scheduling feature. You can now schedule a Facebook status (which may include a link, photo or video) for future post within the Facebook platform. Use this feature to schedule Facebook posts in advance in lieu of HootSuite, or similar third party apps. It’s Read