Instagram’s New Algorithm: Upping Your Instagame

Instagram Algorithm Change Radio

Remember when (cue Alan Jackson for you country fans)… Facebook was the only social network whose algorithm changes could get your panties or whitie tighties in a bunch? Instagram recently announced that their feed will change from a chronological feed to an algorithm-based feed. So what does this mean for your station or show? It Read

The Do’s And Don’ts of Social Media Teasing


You spend time each day crafting on-air teases for your show. And why? You create strong teases to give listeners that “I have to hear this” feeling, to keep them listening through commercials or music breaks. Social media teases are very similar to on-air teases. We want to give listeners that same feeling, except that Read

Can Radio Monetize Pinterest?


Can You Sell It? I haven’t seen a station sponsored pin or board yet, but I believe you can. Pinterest is all about visual content. Be picky about which clients you partner with and choose based on the custom content you can provide visually. If you’re weaving clients into a well-developed content strategy, listeners won’t Read

Pinterest and Top 40 Radio: Embrace Her Lifestyle


There’s a reason so many brands and businesses are creating a marketing strategy just for Pinterest. It’s a huge traffic driver. Recent statistics show it provides more referral traffic to other websites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. Whether you’re a blogger, a retail boutique, or a radio station, traffic to your website is important. Read

What Does “Old Media” Mean, Exactly?


Since the emergence of interactive, on-demand new media, radio is often referred to as old media. What does “old” mean? Is this a negative descriptor for radio? That depends on who’s talking. Consider these two Wiktionary definitions of the word “old”, along with my interpretations of them: Old: “Of an object, concept, relationship, etc., having Read

Do You Know Who Is Watching?


No one was more irritated than me when our flight was delayed on a recent trip… when traveling with a toddler, every few hours matter in your anti-meltdown playbook. But what are you going to do?  Pitch a fit in public?  That’s what this guy did, all why wearing a radio station fleece, and right Read

Adding Social Media to the Digital Revenue Menu… Side dish or À la carte?


The news broke in late 2009 that Kim Kardashian is paid $10,000 per sponsored tweet.  While some followers were amazed at the price tag, most were disgusted that they couldn’t tell which of her tweets were real and which were just paid ads. This got companies thinking about their own policies.  Is social media a Read