Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Small Business Be Using?


No matter what the state of your social-media usage, there’s room to improve your strategy and expand your business. But where to focus your efforts? I offer a quick rundown on which social platforms might help you and how in an interview for the Verizon Wireless Small Business Guide.   Thumbnail photo credit: Verizon Wireless

Why Morning Shows Deserve Their Own Facebook Page

Morning Shows-Facebook

Three clients have approached me in the last few months, all worried because the station they work for is threatening to cancel their Morning Show Facebook page. Not because their behavior on Facebook is out of line with the station brand, or because it is distracting them from the on-air product, but because they view Read

Facebook’s Data Use Policy Changes and The Hoax Post


You didn’t know Facebook made a change to their data use policy? That’s probably because they sent the email to users the night before Thanksgiving, right when you decided to unplug and relax for a couple of days. In fact, you may have seen other Facebook users posting a “copyright notice” to claim ownership of Read

Like This If You Like Doughnuts: The Empty Facebook Post


“Like this if you like doughnuts, too.” “Share this if you’re single.” “Like this if you’ve ever played football.” What do these statements tell you about the brand, station, or person who posted them? Nothing. Except that they are desperate for engagement. Every post, tweet, pin you make is representative of your brand. While studies Read

Is Radio Above Facebook’s Promotion and Contest Guidelines? How We’re Breaking the Rules


In May of 2011, Facebook released (quietly, of course) new guidelines for brands using the platform. Here at The Randy Lane Company, we notified our clients of the new rules, and tried to help you understand them. Fast forward 15 months, and you’re still asking about it. Not only are you asking about it, but Read

Facebook’s Schedule Feature: Why Schedule Social Media?


Facebook recently made a giant step forward with the creation of the scheduling feature. You can now schedule a Facebook status (which may include a link, photo or video) for future post within the Facebook platform. Use this feature to schedule Facebook posts in advance in lieu of HootSuite, or similar third party apps. It’s Read