"The days of only worrying about what’s coming out of the speakers are over. And social media skills are just as important as mastering PPM. Stephanie Winans is not just a social media guru, but she knows the radio side as well, which is VITAL in extending and growing your brand online. She was able to correct all the social media errors we we’re making, and suggest ways to stay in front of our audience 24/7. So think outside of the 15 minutes you have your listeners in the morning, and hire Stephanie to keep your brand top of mind all day!"

Steve Kramer, Host, “That Guy” Kramer Show

"Don’t even hesitate. If you’re considering it, hire Stephanie. She is a pro — knowledgeable, attentive to details and deadlines, patient and willing to express an independent opinion (so rare and so awesome).. She also happens to be a true pleasure to work with — passionate, funny and good-natured. A solid person who is great at what she does, I recommend her with zero hesitation. She’s the best."

Angela Perelli, Senior Vice President/Talent Coach, Randy Lane Company

"Stephanie began with us in Marketing/Promotions. Her position evolved into the Webmaster/Social Media Manager of WABB. Her focus and dedication to creating both the best social media presence and website among radio stations in the industry was no small feat. WABB is continually held up as an example of how a station should look online. A true testament to her skills and creativity."

Betsy Dittman, Owner, 97.5 WABB and 1480AM WABB

"Stephanie’s enthusiasm and love for what she does really shines through and is so contagious. Her knowledge and passion of social media is both impressive and infectious. And she’s just a really nice and friendly, down-to-earth person to boot."

Dave Ryan, Morning Show consultant, The Randy Lane Company and host, The Dave Ryan Show, KDWB/Minneapolis

"It was clear to me from the very first time that I met Stephanie at WABB that she was an amazing talent. Ideas flow from her brain like a fire hose! I had a very large, hard to please client who wanted some creative ideas on maximizing their web presence. Stephanie was able to develop a series of very creative digital media solutions and the client was completely sold. Each and every time I went to Stephanie for ideas, whether it be in the area of promotions, social media or graphic design, she never failed to deliver."

Judy Dahl Stoddard, Business Development Manager, 97.5 WABB

If you find social media, websites and all the digital platforms hard to navigate, meet Stephanie Winans.

Stephanie directed the construction and design of my company’s website. She researched the best options for my needs, and provided expert recommendations regarding pricing, marketing, and design. With her vast knowledge of social media and marketing skills, she continues to keep our website up to date and relevant.

Stephanie’s strong people skills, organization, and attention to detail make her a confident leader, and a resourceful team collaborator. Her dependable work ethic and integrity insure proactive suggestions and advice with effective solutions.

Stephanie’s communication and public speaking skills are evident in her seminars, workshops, and webinars on social media and website design.

In addition, Stephanie is an excellent creative writer, and a nurturing, involved parent. She is a pleasure to work with.

Randy Lane, The Randy Lane Company

"I don’t think I could have made it through the last year without your advice and expertise. Your twitter posts have become a regular part of my morning routine. Your articles have been the core strength in convincing my superiors that we are on the right track with our Digital Department."

Jay Owen, Digital Services Manager, Pineridge Broadcasting, Ontario

"Sincere thanks for sharing your information and insights last week at our music seminar. You’re a terrific presenter and the comment cards reflect the enthusiasm our audience felt for your message. I appreciate your staying for the full day so attendees had one-on-one access."

Ed Shane, Texas Music Chart

"Stephanie is such an amazing person all around; she has the patience and a quick wit that make learning from her easy and enjoyable. Everything she taught me opened my eyes into the vast world that is Social Networking and now I think it’s safe to say I’m a pro…well almost! Thanks to this lovely woman I have achieved my Social goals and then some; my fan base has grown, and a blank page is a thing of the past! If you’re looking for the same help that I was, mastering the arts of Facebook and Twitter, then Stephanie is your go-to gal."

Melissa Brooke, Texas Country Singer

"I wanted to pass on my thanks to you for your guidance at our Social Media session back in September. Since that time, we have seen our Facebook likes increase from under 11,000 to 12,500, and our Talking About This number has risen from three digits to four digits, three times over. Your suggestions have been put into action and the jocks see the immediate payoff."

Bruce Gilbert, Brand Director, Astral Radio

Stephanie Winans. Pro. Period. But I'll say a bit more! From the moment I met Stephanie I was blown away not only by the depth of her knowledge and peerless thirst for learning to deepen it further, but also by her overall business acumen, unflappable manner, can-do enthusiasm and deft people skills. As I said, consummate pro. And someone who will make you laugh! I'd work again with Stephanie in a New York minute!

Jodie Green, VP Digital Strategy Director, McCann HumanCare

"I don’t know if you realize how much of an impact you make on people through your writing. I look forward to your column and Google+ posts, and each time, they challenge me to embrace a new aspect of social media that I wasn’t embracing at the moment. I have been tasked with establishing our company’s “digital/social media plan”. You inspire me, and tidbits you share are helping me in this process."

Kevin Felder, Sales Manager, WFMV-FM, Glory Communications, Inc./Columbia, SC

"I would highly recommend Stephanie if you’re looking to refine your digital self by working with a person that pays attention to even the smallest details, creates amazing ideas and more importantly truly cares about you."

Paul Varga, 93.3 WSLP/Lake Placid

"My husband and I were at the Now What seminar and we thought you were excellent! The information that you gave us was invaluable and now I’m going back through and deciphering the notes and trying to put it to use; I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon!"

Ashlee Rose, Texas Country Musician

"Stephanie Winans is one sharp lady. She was a great coach for Bob Cohen Strategies. She’s observant, attentive, a good communicator, creative, flexible and PATIENT. I can highly recommend her services for getting your social media program started or topping it up and moving to the next level."

Bob Cohen, CEO of Bob Cohen Strategies