13 Steps to Your First Facebook Advertising Campaign

How to set up a facebook advertising campaign

If you haven’t asked me how to run a Facebook advertising campaign, we probably don’t know each other. The truth is, whether this question is asked directly or it’s the answer to another question, I often find myself explaining the basics of Facebook Ads to many of my radio brethren. If you’ve wondered about how Read

In The Music Business? Join Me in Houston!

TX Music Chart Seminar Ad 2013

I spoke last year at this conference, and am honored to accept the invitation to speak again. If you are an artist (or aspiring artist), songwriter, producer, or manager, I recommend that you join me in Houston January 30. Register here.                             Read

Facebook’s Data Use Policy Changes and The Hoax Post


You didn’t know Facebook made a change to their data use policy? That’s probably because they sent the email to users the night before Thanksgiving, right when you decided to unplug and relax for a couple of days. In fact, you may have seen other Facebook users posting a “copyright notice” to claim ownership of Read

Facebook’s Schedule Feature: Why Schedule Social Media?


Facebook recently made a giant step forward with the creation of the scheduling feature. You can now schedule a Facebook status (which may include a link, photo or video) for future post within the Facebook platform. Use this feature to schedule Facebook posts in advance in lieu of HootSuite, or similar third party apps. It’s Read

Selling Social: Are Social Media Endorsements a Good Idea?


Social media savvy radio clients are inquiring about online endorsements, creating revenue opportunities for both radio stations and air talent. However, with opportunity comes responsibility. Stations and talent have built online communities based on trust. Listeners trust that your social media content will be a reflection of what they hear on air- an extension of Read