Instagram’s New Algorithm: Upping Your Instagame

Instagram Algorithm Change Radio

Remember when (cue Alan Jackson for you country fans)… Facebook was the only social network whose algorithm changes could get your panties or whitie tighties in a bunch? Instagram recently announced that their feed will change from a chronological feed to an algorithm-based feed. So what does this mean for your station or show? It Read

8 Reasons #StartupLife Might Be For You

Pros of working at Startups

Wondering what it might be like to leave corporate America and work for a startup (or start your own!)? Here are 8 pros of working for a startup (otherwise known as why #startuplife is awesome). 1. You’ll learn more (and fast). Working for a startup allows you to rapidly expand your professional skills. You’re routinely encouraged Read

3 Attributes That Make A Successful Entrepreneur

Atributes of entrepreneurs

I was asked on a panel recently about the most important attributes of an entrepreneur. When I think about the people who succeed at building their own businesses—not the anomaly, front of Time magazine entrepreneur but the everyday successful entrepreneurs—there are three attributes that come to mind. Drive. Strategic thinking. Passion. And you need all three Read

4 Tips for Marketing to Millennial Moms

M2Moms speaker Stephanie Winanns

Millennial moms are discerning. They expect authenticity and are drawn to brands that tell a compelling story with every touchpoint. Moms today demand more from your marketing than ever before. As I shared on a recent panel at M2Moms, here are 3 things you should know when marketing to millennial moms: Think mobile first. Moms Read

13 Steps to Your First Facebook Advertising Campaign

How to set up a facebook advertising campaign

If you haven’t asked me how to run a Facebook advertising campaign, we probably don’t know each other. The truth is, whether this question is asked directly or it’s the answer to another question, I often find myself explaining the basics of Facebook Ads to many of my radio brethren. If you’ve wondered about how Read

42 Twitter Accounts That Make Show Prep Easier


In a post back in 2012, I talked about the power of Twitter for show prep and shared a list of accounts that regularly tweet show-worthy content. A client mentioned to Randy how helpful this list was this week (she’s still using it two years later!), and it dawned on me that it might be worth Read