8 Reasons #StartupLife Might Be For You

Wondering what it might be like to leave corporate America and work for a startup (or start your own!)? Here are 8 pros of working for a startup (otherwise known as why #startuplife is awesome).

1. You’ll learn more (and fast). Working for a startup allows you to rapidly expand your professional skills. You’re routinely encouraged to take on responsibilities that stretch your existing experience, giving you a chance to learn new skills. At larger companies, you’re often restricted to duties that speak to your existing skill set. While it’s nice to stick to what you’re good at, it’s hard to get good at new things in this environment, which stunts your long-term professional growth.

2. You’ll feel good. Working for a startup is personally rewarding. There is something magical about building a company from the ground up: when it succeeds, you feel ownership in that success. You can’t get that feeling of ownership and pride from working on “someone else’s baby.”

3. You’ll own it. Speaking of feelings of ownership, you might get equity as part of your compensation package. Many startups give managers equity to better align incentives and reward hard work.

4. You’ll be challenged. If you’re in a career rut, working at a startup can refresh you. Fueled by motivation to achieve early milestones, there will be no time for boredom or complacency.

Pros of working at Startups

5. You’ll get creative. Working for a startup ignites your creativity. It takes creativity to carve out space for a new brand in an existing market, or to educate consumers on a new product if you’re disrupting a market. When your budget is lower than the competition’s, you’ll resort to innovative ideas to win.

6. You’ll be passionate. People work at startups because they love the idea or are moved by the problem the product solves. Who doesn’t want to work for something they believe in?

7. You’ll bond with your team. There’s a feeling of “in this together” that comes with building something new. Because startups typically run lean, managers are careful to hire for personality and fit and not experience or aptitude alone. Co-workers you actually like? Yes, please.

8. You’ll love the knowledge sharing. Tackling early problems requires brainstorming. Because there are rarely duplicitous roles and startups often foster a judgment-free environment, your co-workers will teach you what they know.

At Bundoo, professional growth is a big focus. We believe that skill building is one of the best things a startup can offer. We created Bundoo U, a meeting where a different Bundite teaches the team a skill each week. We vote on topics for each person, and the team member gives an interactive presentation on the winning topic when their turn comes around. These meetings not only teach us new skills that may help later in our careers, but they also help the team understand the value other Bundites and departments carry.

Not convinced? Tell me why in the comments.

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