4 Tips for Marketing to Millennial Moms

Millennial moms are discerning. They expect authenticity and are drawn to brands that tell a compelling story with every touchpoint. Moms today demand more from your marketing than ever before.

As I shared on a recent panel at M2Moms, here are 3 things you should know when marketing to millennial moms:

  1. Think mobile first. Moms are meeting your brand on their phones, and they are a design-conscious audience that expects a cohesive user experience from in-store to TV to mobile. Given that 21% of Millennials don’t even use a desktop computer to go online anymore, being mobile responsive is no longer enough. Think about the mobile experience first, and then think about how that translates to desktop.
  2. Be transparent. They grew up with the Internet and know how to get information quickly and how to tell what’s legitimate. Many Millennials will dig into the source of information, particularly when they’re skeptical to begin with. So when it comes to creating content for your brand, make sure your t’s are crossed at all times. If not, be prepared to be embarrassed as your brand authority comes into question.
  3. Focus on the lifestyle. I know it’s painful to hear, but moms care about more than just your product. Your product is a tiny blip within the full (and often chaotic) life she is living. To build loyalty through marketing, think about the bigger picture. What is she doing when the need for your product arises? How is your product used in her daily life? Use content marketing and digital advertising to tell her you understand her—her needs as a whole and not just her need for your product.
  4. Segment your Millennial audience. A “one size fits all” approach is only good when it applies to a poncho in the pouring rain at an amusement park. Know which segment of the Millennial audience you’re talking to, and craft your message accordingly. Don’t believe me? Get a 22-year-old and a 34-year-old in a room together and tell me how much they have in common.
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