Measuring the Digital Impact of TV and Radio Ads

Brands and agencies love digital advertising in part because its effectiveness is easy to measure. You begin a PPC campaign and you can track the results immediately. As long as you’ve built a smart campaign, you can track everything and go down a rabbit hole of granularity.

And what’s better than granular data? Immediate granular data. It doesn’t take long with digital advertising to see what’s working and what needs to be tweaked.

With broadcast media, not all campaigns are as easily tracked. There is the immediacy issue, and some campaigns are also tougher to measure by nature. Just say the words “brand awareness” and many will stutter when answering the question “Is it working?”

Cue Adometry TV Attribution and Google search integration, a new Google initiative which aims to bridge this gap. It measures the digital impact of TV and radio ads, so you can gain insight immediately on your broadcast media messaging. This will help with optimizations to your TV and radio spots, but also with your supporting SEO and PPC campaigns as you can assess which offline messaging is driving the desired online behavior.

This is the beginning to a beautiful marriage between online and offline media, making it easier for brands to optimize marketing campaigns that involve both (especially campaigns that include TV or radio and Google AdWords!)

Read more about the initiative on the Google Analytics Blog.

Photo credit: Al Ibrahim/Flickr
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