9 Ways Social Media Is Like A Road Trip

1. You should know where you’re headed.4007724681_6d6f83314c

Like a road trip, you should know where you’d like to end up. Without measurable goals in mind, social media is a hobby, not a business initiative. A clearly defined strategy is key to success with social media.

2. It takes a map to get to where you want to go.

Once you’ve defined your destination or desired goals, you need to define how you will get from where you are now to where you want to be. What types of posts and content categories will your audience respond to? What time of day is your audience active online? Who within your company will execute the strategy?

3. You must be prepared for a detour.

When you encounter a detour or roadblock, don’t panic. Use your map to develop a new route to help you reach your destination. You will revise your plan many times to reflect what you learn from executing it.

4. Sometimes you have to ask for help.

With new social platforms popping up every day, we’re constantly learning. Don’t be too insecure to brainstorm with another marketer.

5. It can be a blast, or it can be boring. The experience depends on your creativity.

Creating quality content for your social channels requires commitment to both creativity and planning.

6. Entertainment is key for both.

Road trips can be pretty boring without entertainment. So can social media! Don’t be afraid to entertain your listeners by letting your personality shine through in a way that still maintains your brand image. And embrace multimedia- it never hurts to have images, audio and video!

7. Other people on the “road” may annoy you.

As they speed trying to beat you, the quick way isn’t always the easy way. For example, posting “empty engagement” updates on Facebook may drive more likes, but it won’t lead to brand loyalty or ROI.

8. Recklessness gets you nowhere.

Stay in control, or the results could be dangerous to your brand. Just ask KitchenAid.

9. You ask “are we there yet?”

Success in social media doesn’t happen overnight. Much like a cross-country road trip, it takes time and focus to get there.

And how is social media not like a road trip? High traffic is only a hope for one of the two!


Photo credit: -Patxi Izkue- on Flickr via Creative Commons


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